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Half hidden French door?

So in my home, I have French doors leading from the garage to the small dining area that is in the corner of the open area with the living room on one side and kitchen on the other. The problem is that the French doors really take up too much space and intrudes on space I would like to use for a China hutch, but that was is just not that big. It isn't really a main entrance anymore. (Was originally an exit to a carport that was later closed into a garage)

My question is, can I replace the doors with a set and have it set up so that the left side is hidden (besides the crack where the door meets the wall) and had part of the trim on it. No door knobs, just the locks on that door on the inside/into upper and lower frame. I would like also, if possible, to use a similar door to start with, say a nine pane and place wood in place of glass on the hidden door on the garage door and paint it to match the other side. So on the garage side I want it to look like French doors, but in the inside look like a single door. 

What I want is to add wall space and functionality to the dining area without losing the function of the French doors. It is really nice having them when you have to move items, for example, since I can just pull into the garage and the house is just one step up and I have a nice wide space to go through. Also, the more work on the inside will save me the work of trying to get everything to match up and look right on the garage side that I would do if I replaced the French doors with a single door.

Any ideas? Is there a hinge that would let that door open inward and not show, or is it possible to have one door open in and one out? Would that make it stronger since it can't be buckled in or out with force? Also, I do know that it defeats the purpose having the door where I will cover up that side, but I feel like moving a piece of furniture over a few feet to get in the odd refrigerator, piano, or bathroom vanity through more easily (have moved all of the above in and out by myself without help because of these doors) , is a small price to pay.

Re: Half hidden French door?

Why not just set a piece of furnature in front of one of the doors?

Re: Half hidden French door?

Because I want the room to look bigger, not look like I put a China hutch in front of half a door because there isn't room for it.

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