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Gutters being installed - problem?

Dear folks -

We are currently having the roofers install about 15 ft of gutter that was torn off during last winter's storm on two sides of our house.

They should be finishing up the work tomorrow, and we are supposed to pay them the other 40% of the job.

The question is: One side of the gutter hangs out about 5 - 6 inches. I asked the guys about this, and they said its normal for gutters to hang out an inch or two to catch all the rain. I pointed out that its more than an inch or two, they said "yeah" - and i'm hoping they will correct it.

Then, on the opposite side, the flat board that runs along the bottom of the roof that the gutter runs parallel to... well, the gutter was stapled so that its not along that board, but hanging about 20% down from the board. It looks really silly and I can provide pictures (i tried to post them but forgot to decrease the size and exceeded bandwidth).

So - am I right to withhold pay until it is fixed correctly (I'm sorry this is more of a legal question that a "fix-it-question", but any advice would be helpful!)

Thank you,


Re: Gutters being installed - problem?

Ah ha! you can post pictures here!

Left side = hanging far down, Right side = parallel to roof, just sticks out too far (i think).

What do y'all think?

Re: Gutters being installed - problem?

First, gutters are not installed parallel to the roof unless the roof is lower on one side than the other. The low end will be the end where the down spout is located. If you have a narrow facia the gutter may hang down below on the downspout ened. It needs to be slanted so the water will run to the downspout. From your picture I can't see the whole gutter.

Second gutters usually run 1" or 2" past the end 5" or 6" seems excessive. It's your house and you don't like it, it should be there resonsibility to cprrect it. JMHO.

Re: Gutters being installed - problem?

Five inches beyond the fascia board is excessive. I would make them fix it. Don't pay them until they do. As far as the slant is concerned, on such a short run, 2 inches would certainly be the max, and maybe too much. You really only need a 2% pitch on gutters.

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