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Gutter to drywell or to curb? other questions

Referring to TOH video on waterproofing basement
[cant post link due to my low post count]
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I have a gutter system (with a leaf guard system to prevent debris build up in the gutter) on the front of the house which has
a very long extension but goes over the paver walkway leading
to the front entry door.
The reason for the long extension is to keep water from
the house basement walls and to keep ice formation on the
paver walkway to a minimum during the winter melt.
This is on the southside of the house so there is always the
thaw - freeze thing going on in the late winter/early spring.
Im in Minnesota.

After seeing the video linked above, my first thought was
to create this livewell system for that gutter. But came upon
some questions as i visited the home stores and asked some of
the sales people.

1) Transition from the gutter to the underground line.
I have a 4" rectangular gutter. Use a rectangular to circular
transition piece. I am assuming a 4" tube would be sufficient
do you agree?

2) Do I plumb to PVC elbow and piping or use Sewer pipe elbow
and piping to the live well? Also how deep should I place the
elbow and line? Also since this piping is going underneath a
paver walkway, I would assume some packed down class 5 base is
still necessary for the pavers.
PVC is thicker wall and I would hope stand up to some freeze
thaw cycles better than sewer pipe at shallow depths.

3) Should I put a catchbasin after the elbow? my worry is t
that a catchbasin at a shallow depth would allow the line to
possibly freeze up. I am leaning against this, but how else do
I clean the line out if necessary?

4) Once I get to the lawn area should I transition from solid
piping to drain tile w/sock before going to the drywell?
Similar to a french drain but dug a little deeper.

5) Or is the drywall supposed to be the point where water is
filtered out to the earth and not in the line before. The
solid line would like carry any debris to the live well without

6) How far down should I dig a live well. How much larger
diameter of gravel should I use around it?

7) One home store suggested an alternative to the dry well.
Why not put a long line from the gutter to the curb at the
street. then a pop up overflow can be installed when the water
is sufficient then it would pop up and go to the curb. The
downside I see with this, is how does it work in the
wintertime? The curb will have snow buildup and the system
will likely be backedup due to the cold and snow buildup.
Any thoughts on this, pros/cons?

8) How does the drywell get around the overflow and/or freezing problems? Also my area is clay based under neath the top soil
maybe this is an issue with the drywell concept?

Thanks in advance to your replies!

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