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Gutter Pump?

Has anyone tried and have any opinion of these little PVC devices known as the Gutter Pump ?
I am in no way affiliated with them or this site... in fact I just bought one for less at Harbor Freight but have not yet installed it.

My roof will probably be replaced within 5 years and I will hopefully be able to spring for all new gutters and guards at that time... meanwhile it would be nice to minimize what collects up there.

I also saw something that looks like polyfoam shaped to fit in the gutters... though I wonder how long something like that would last.

Any experience or thoughts on these?

Re: Gutter Pump?

I have no experience with it, but i don't see how water is going to get to the contraption if the gutter is packed with wet, soggy leaves & helicopters.

Re: Gutter Pump?

I would thing something like gutter guard or gutter topper which prevents leaves from getting into the gutters would be a much better choice. If you have a leaf dam the water won't get to the pump.

Re: Gutter Pump?

Leaves, twigs, helicopters, bird nests... my favourite thing to do is to go out in the rain and unstop my gutters (especially if there's lightning in the area!) :rolleyes:

Re: Gutter Pump?

The harder it's raining, the more important it is to climb the ladder right away. Lightning just make me work a little faster.:eek:

Re: Gutter Pump?

According to the literature... the harder it's raining the better this thing is supposed to work. Like it creates a siphon effect or something.

I guess I'll see the next heavy rain we have... and also over the summer I'll see if the water is still flowing.

Not a big fan of getting struck by lightning myself... but hey... whatever gets you through.

Re: Gutter Pump?
ed21 wrote:

I have no experience with it, but i don't see how water is going to get to the contraption if the gutter is packed with wet, soggy leaves & helicopters.

I have experience with the gutter pump, and they do work. Even soggy leaves etc. float thus the principal of operation still works because the device allows the water to drain from underneath the floating debris in the gutter without obstructing the drain outlet of the gutter.

ed21 wrote:

I have no experience with it


Why do people feel compelled to add information in forums that isn't helpful?

The Gutter Pump installed and sold by Pane In The Glass Window and Gutter Cleaning.

My name is Mark Simitz and I am the owner of Pane In The Glass Window and Gutter Cleaning in Walnut Creek, California. I am originally from Dearborn, Michigan. I buy my supplies from Detroit Sponge. I became a distributor of The Gutter Pump when it was introduced to me by a friend. Before The Gutter Pump I was installing light bulb shaped wired gutter inserts into downspouts. The idea is that all leaves and debris are blocked out, by the mesh, while water flows over the blocked debris near the top. The problem is that water fills up your gutters and damage will occur. gutters. The Gutter Pump blocks leaves and debris while allowing water to be sucked down at the bottom of your gutter. In California there are a oak, maple, and pine trees. The Gutter Pump works great! I also have clients with French drains or drains which are in the ground. The Gutter Pump does a great job of blocking debris and mud from entering the drains. My clients would have me come out three times a season but with The Gutter Pump they only need one cleaning. For a video of The Gutter Pump in action go to Amazon or my company.
The Gutter Pump draws the water through the pump and into the downspout. Watch the leaves as they are get sucked to The Gutter Pump. The Gutter Pump works even when the leaves and debris cover it. Contact us today and get your Gutter Pump installed.

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Re: Gutter Pump?

MY only concern is whether such devices are cost effective. I have seen installed prices approaching $30 per foot. At such a cost, I could have the gutter cleaning firm out twice a year for decades!

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