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Gutter guards, any opinions?

I'm looking to have new gutters and spouts installed. I'm considering getting some type of gutter guards installed as well. Anyone have any suggestions on what works well (if anything)?

Re: Gutter guards, any opinions?

I don't know if the covered gutters are effective in keeping the crud out of the insides or not, but at the quoted $30 per running foot I was getting, I could have the gutters cleaned for the next 15 or 20years for that money!

Re: Gutter guards, any opinions?

Nothing works well if your house is near trees. The leaves plug up the gutters and the down spouts, no matter what guard system you have...it's very frustrating.


To let the gutters and downspouts do their job, manually clean and flush them as needed. Or if you're smart, have someone clean them for you.

If you don't clean them, it's like not having gutters at all.

Re: Gutter guards, any opinions?

it really depends on the type of cover your looking at, in my opinion the best way to go is a solid cover, by all means stay away from anything mesh like alot of the older houses have on them, they collapse after a year or so and then your back to square one

Re: Gutter guards, any opinions?

I think you have to just go with larger downspouts or add an additional downspout or two when needed. IF the down spouts drop to buried pipe or... ummmm... maybe the sewer... cough cough...but nobody's house does that right?... you need to use catch basins to seprate solid material from the water and keep it from flowing out to the drain.

Otherwise, just get up there a couple times a year and clear it... just part of home ownership.

I don;t like the gutter guards because they aren't cheap, they will eventually break and need replacement, if they get covered with debris, then you then have non functioning gutters.

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