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gurgling washing machine - but not when used!

Periodically and seemingly randomly our washing machine outlet lets out an extremely loud gurgling noise for maybe 5-8 seconds. There is no correlation with use, and no adverse effects that I have noticed (leaks etc.).

The machine is a modern stackable system, about 3 years old. The plumbing in the house was all new 3 years ago. The machine is on the second floor of the building. I had always ascribed the gurgle to some action taken by our neighbors on the first floor (two unit condo association in a 3 floor Victorian), but it just happened again when they are out of town.

The noise seems to come from the wall right near the outlet, which is a 2" black accordion plastic hose that goes from the bottom of the washer up about 3' before dropping into the wall. The hot/cold source lines come out in the same spot. Any trap or venting is behind the drywall.

Seems like a mystery to me. Any ideas? My only guess is that maybe the washer has a slow leak on the input tap, so maybe I am wasting water. I never hear any dripping or leaking sounds though.

Thanks for any thoughts that you may have!

Re: gurgling washing machine - but not when used!

If no other plumbing use within your residence is being used when this gurgling sound happens ..... what type of heating system and where is it located for your residence?
If the HVAC has a condensate line and located on the top floor .... it may be possible the condensate line is the cause of this sound.

Just throwing it out there.:)

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