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gurgling sounds in toilet bowls & drains

First noticed the problem when I bought my house 5 yrs ago.When my laundry machine would drain I would get a loud gurgling noise in sink in bathroom closest to laundry room. I have 2 bathrooms. I didn't address the problem because it was just when I did laundry. Now I have problems when laundry machine drains I have noises coming out of every drain in my house along with bubbling in toilet bowels to the point they have spilled over. Toilets flush fine and don't seem to cause the noise or bubbling sensation. Today when my son was showering clean water was filling up or being pushed up in the other washroom's toilet bowl? Any ideas....

Re: gurgling sounds in toilet bowls & drains

You have a main line stoppage or if you have a septic system there may be a problem with it. Your first step should be to have the line snaked.


C of L Tech
Re: gurgling sounds in toilet bowls & drains

Also, you might check your roof vents. If they are clogged, it could be the source of the "gurgling" sound. It is likely the sound made when the siphon caused by the clogged vent is broken by air entering one or more p-traps in the house.

Re: gurgling sounds in toilet bowls & drains

Another possible problem: roots.

A good idea would be to run a video camera and see what's in your drain.

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