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Gurgling noise in double sink

I recently began to notice a gurgling sound in one side of my double kitchen sink whenever water is sent down the drain on either side. The water drains normally so I don't think the drain is plugged. I do think that the vent pipe might be plugged but am not sure how to clear it.

Here's what I know: About 15 inches below the top of the vent pipe there is a "floor" with an off-center hole about 1.5 inches in diameter. About 3 feet below that there is something that feels solid. Using a shop vac I was able to remove a very small amount of what appears to be decayed vegetable matter (leaves, etc. I suppose). Probing, it continues to feel solid.

Dare I poke hard at this "plug" trying to open it, or is there a screen at that level that I should be careful to preserve?

The house is about 50 years old. I've lived in it for 40 years without experiencing this issue until recently.

Timothy Miller
Re: Gurgling noise in double sink

Howdy, consider having the vent pipe snaked. Or with help put your garden hose into the vent pipe and run a little water to flush the pipe. Have the helper ready to turn off the water/ or increase the flow. The water some times frees blockage and clears the line. If blocked then have the pipe snaked. Be warned wet shingles are slippery.

Re: Gurgling noise in double sink

Thanks for the reply Tim. Before I saw your suggestion I went back on the roof to retrieve the shop vac and gave it one more try. This time the hose became obviously plugged. When I pulled it out there was a walnut stuck on the end. No more gurgling! :)

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