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Gurgle noise in drain pipes after replacing toilet

I recently replaced my toilet on the second floor of my house due to the wax ring leaking. I also had to repair the flange due to the flange being rotted and it was too low for the wax ring to make contact. After replacing the toilet, which is not a power flush model, whenever I flush the toilet, both the sink and bathtub drains make a gurgling noise while the water is exiting the toilet. This noise never happened with the old toilet. Is this a vent issue or something else? Please HELP!

Re: Gurgle noise in drain pipes after replacing toilet

i also have this problem

Re: Gurgle noise in drain pipes after replacing toilet

It sounds like a vent problem. The vent may be plugged , none existent or done incorrectly. With out being able to see it all anyone can do is guess. A picture of the piping, if possible would help.


Re: Gurgle noise in drain pipes after replacing toilet

My Friend,

The way the venting and drain systems are designed in a waste or sewage system is this. Each fixture, tub, shower, lave sink drain all have individual vent lines at the top of there dirty arms and or trap arms in the wall, giving each drain its own air flow for these branch lines. Now it is possible for these vent lines to be tied into the bigger vent stack for the toilet, all though highly unlikely. you can check this at the roof level above bathroom, see if you have one big vent penetrating the roof or 2 or more vents right above bathroom. If it is only one check to see if it is clear, branches, bird and or rodent nest. if it is clear than move to second step.
2nd- This sounds like more of a condition of a blockage or sewer backup, stoppage getting ready to occur. when a sewage line is getting ready to back up, due to standing water in the waste line system, bubbling back into the other lines. this mostly occurs at the shower, tub and toilet due to its closer proximity to the floor.
In any case the best thing to do is to call a plumber and have him cable your toilet vent stack at roof level, this will kill 2 birds with one stone, making sure vent line is clear and clearing any debris from the horizontal waste lines. Just make sure enough cable is fed in to go out to the main line.
Hope this helps, Chris

Re: Gurgle noise in drain pipes after replacing toilet

Let me add this:

If roots have penetrated the sewer line, you will need the service of a rooter machine (not to be confused with a snake drain cleaning machine).

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