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Carol D
gunk off kichen cabinets


I am having trouble getting the gunk off her kitchen cabinets.
I don't want to take off the finish or have to get new cabinets. My cabinets are very dark. I just want these clean. I saw someone on This Old House clean a banister without hurting the finish. They called the product SPS or CPC or something like that. Does anyone out there know what I could use? :(

Re: gunk off kichen cabinets

They might have been using TSP-its a powder. My mom always used it before painting to remove any oils from the wall. You can usually find it at the hatdware store in the paint section. I have light cabinets and have used baking soda to get the gunk off-I'd try it inside a door first though to make sure it doesn't damage them. Good luck! Margaret

Re: gunk off kichen cabinets

TSP = Tri-sodium Phosphate. If you can't find that or don't want to mess in chemicals too much, I use go-jo hand cleaner and 0000 steel wool. It gets the gunk off, conditions the wood and sort of redistributes (for lack of a better description) the finish. I have yet to have it hurt anything I have used it on, including an antique rock maple bedroom suit. Good luck with your project!

Re: gunk off kichen cabinets

There's a product called Awesome that you can get at the dollar store - it's a concentrate, but you can use it straight to get off that greasy kitchen gunk. Or try a mixture of warm water, a little dishwasher detergent (liquid), and vinegar. Be sure to rinse it and dry it.

A. Spruce
Re: gunk off kichen cabinets

Be extremely careful if you try to use TSP, as it will etch and dull the surface. A better product will be Mr Clean - the floor cleaning detergent. It is pretty mild, yet will cut grease and gunk pretty well. Use a mild solution, then rinse several times with clean water and sponges. When you're done, you'll probably want to give the cabinets a coat of Murphy's Oil, or similar rejuvenating oil which will bring back the luster as well as help to fill any cracks or worn finish areas against future moisture and gunk intrusion. :)

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