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Re: Grout over caulk

normally i dont argue with spruce about anything other than who makes better beer but in the case of the chisel i will

a cheap chisel is fine, however using a dull one will only cause problems. it wont cut as cleanly and will cause more effort.. when using a dull tool you will force it more which can slip either scratching the surface or risking injury. this past summmer i had to recaulk all the showers and tubs of 4 floors in one tower of residents at one of the local university's i tried dragging out the life of my chisels however found myself carrying 2 or 3 and having to sharpen them on every day.

i know guys that coat the caulking with acetone overnight which softens the silicone making it easier to remove however it is a very powerful solvent which isnt the best thing to be breathing

A. Spruce
Re: Grout over caulk
jkirk wrote:

normally i dont argue with spruce about anything

Not if you know what's good for you! ;):p:D

I understand what you're saying, and I don't disagree about needing a sharp chisel for "shaving" the old caulk. In this situation, however, it sounds more like a layer of grout needs to be removed before one can get to the caulk.

When I'm using a chisel on grout or slag of any type, I'm using it more to focus the force I'm applying in a manner that will "pop" the offending debris off. IMHO, a utility knife and paint sc****r will provide any cutting or shaving action needed so there is no need to hose my good chisels.

This might be a case where more than one method may work, but just in case, do it my way!;):p:p (I'm completely teasing if that wasn't clear )

Re: Grout over caulk

your american spruce... your way doesnt work:p

Re: Grout over caulk

i use a 5 way painters tool with a hammer head you have a choice of different sides to use also very sharp will least likely scrach the tub plus you have better control with the large handle best of luck

Re: Grout over caulk

I use a utility knife with a brand new blade first slicing downward the sidways .....followed by a 1 inch putty knife to sc**** it off


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