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Grout Before Installing Tub?

I have laid the tile for the tub deck but not other tile in the bathroom. I was going to grout the deck before installing the tub but then began thinking that the grout color might not be consistent. I probably won't get to the remainder of the wall tiles for a few months. Is it OK to leave the tile ungrouted for now? I can grout later of course but those tiles not exposed would never be grouted. Since the tub lip will be sealed with caulk theoretically at least the ungrouted portions would never be exposed to moisture. Ideas, opinions?

Re: Grout Before Installing Tub?

kj-ru in AZ?
John, MI. Call me.

Re: Grout Before Installing Tub?

buy all the grout you are going to use for the bathroom now so you know it's all from the same lot. then grout the tub deck and save the rest of the grouting for later. grout all of the tub deck now and stop where the walls begin. you won't notice the difference and it will make grouting the tub deck alot easier now than after the tub is in place.

Re: Grout Before Installing Tub?

What kind of tub is it?

Generally, a fiberglass or resin tub isn't grouted where it meets the tile, because flexing of the tub would crack the grout line and allow for water entry.

On the other hand, steel and cast iron tubs can be grouted since they are rigid.

When you set the tub, place some concrete mix underneath the tub. This will provide additional support to the tub so it's not entirely supported by the tub deck. This will also give it a more solid "feel" and help prevent flexing of the tub deck, which could crack the tile.

Re: Grout Before Installing Tub?

It's a large (72" x 42") whirlpool tub. The lip goes all the way around and the exposed portion of the deck is 6" - `12". My main reason for waiting is convenience. I can get the tub mounted and the plumbing done for the final inspection. Then can worry about details. I have to leave the front of the deck untiled until the inspection for access to the plumbing for the inspector.

The plumber will put mortar under the tub for rigidity and stability. He actually recommends sheet rock mud as he says it holds up better to vibration caused by the pump motor.

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