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Grout -how wet- is the question

Hello,in mixing concrete,I know that too much water weakens it.Grout seems to be the material that I can mix very wet and pour from a pail,filling the voids,and yet have tremendous strength-up to 8000 psi.Is that so? I need some help in knowing what to use and how to mix it for filling various size voids-some having slope-and some level.Thank you for your help!

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Re: Grout -how wet- is the question

everyone has their own way that they do things but i prefer to mix grout to the consistency of warm peanut butter. that way its soft enough to fill all the voids and firm enough so that it can be worked. as for slopes and corners, lat it on thick in those areas and you can shape it with your wet sponge on your first cleaning as soon as it starts to firm up.

Re: Grout -how wet- is the question

If you head on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum and click on the library, scroll down and click on the library index. There you will find a grouting tutorial which answers this question and a bunch more you didn't know you'll have. After the grouting tutorial you might want to read the caulking tutorial for additional pointers.

Re: Grout -how wet- is the question

When I grout I like it the same way as MLB, so I have full control over the grout and guide it to its place nice and easy.

Sponging as it dries will make the job perfect.

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