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grout cracking in new bathroom

8 months ago I had my bathrooms redone. Floors and walls around tub were done with new tile. The shampoo inserts in each bathroom have grout that is cracking. They have been out once already to put in some silicone grout.
They sre starting to crack again. They didn't use silicone grout between the tub and wall. House is appx 25 years old. I am not sure if they supported the old tub or not.
Is this from settling of the house, poor support of tub, poor grouting, or even the structure under wall done poorly? Can I even tell that?

Re: grout cracking in new bathroom

I bet they never sealed the tiles and grout. I also don't know what's beneath the tiles...
Call them again, ask them to fix the cracked grout, caulk where needed and seal the entire thing (including where the tiles meet the tub).
keep in mind that tile and grout seal doesn't last forever, and you'll have to seal again in the future.
good luck.

Re: grout cracking in new bathroom


There is no such animal as silicone grout. There is silicone caulk, but not grout. If they used any caulking in the shower, it should have only been at the changes of plane; wall to wall, wall to floor, wall to tub, wall to ceiling. Niches included.

How was the waterproofing handled? What waterproofing method was used? How was the shower constructed? Were the floor joists measured and calculated for deflection before tiling?

Your best resource for all things tile is the John Bridge Tile Forum. A quick google search will get you there.

Re: grout cracking in new bathroom
HoustonRemodeler wrote:


There is no such animal as silicone grout.

Actually that Animal does exist. It's used in the Pool/Spa Industry & comes in tube form.

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