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Howdy Folks,

We have a low point on our (long) driveway. It can, during heavy rain, cover our driveway with 4 or more inches of rain, to the point that it "overflows" and runs down the remainder of the driveway to help in forming a second pond down at the end of the driveway.

Initially I installed a twenty foot french drain to get the water away from the driveway, but it didn't have the requisite volume to handle the water (this point is basically collecting run-off from half of our property). The next step was to put in a dry well and replace the little drain with a larger "catch-basin." For moderate rain, this has worked acceptably, but slowly. The speed of the drain, i believe, is hampered by my use of landscaping fabric in the catch-basin to keep dirt out of the pipes/well.

The question that i haven't found a good answer to is: how should i be filtering this water. Unlike the two other dry wells we installed (for downspouts), the water heading to this one is not "pure." When i pulled the fabric out after a recent rain, it had about a quart of "silt" in it, so some sort of filtering seems necessary, but the resistance of the landscaping fabric seems to great. It seems like there must be a product for this, i just haven't been able to find it.

Thanks for any help/advice/recommendations.

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