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Re: Green options - what gives the biggest return on investment?

When using green technology for your house you have the opportunity to have long term plan investment. You will not be able to see the changes right away but you will realize the positive effect after a period of time.

Re: Green options - what gives the biggest return on investment?

When we built our home; a special type of insulation was recommended as well as variable speed HVAC systems on each floor.

I think the more you can do to insulate your home such as blackout curtains and those diamond blinds which we also implemented can be very easy to use.

Also, coatings on sun-facing windows are a good idea. I don't think the changes have to be dramatic to offer bigger ROI. What about adding faucet diffusers, controls on your thermostats etc. I mean it depends on how energy efficient your home is now vs. how you can just keep making little improvements.

Just my opinion. :)

Re: Green options - what gives the biggest return on investment?
Ross Carpenter wrote:

Do you not think that if GREEN alternatives to conventional electric power were in any way shape or form COST EFFECTIVE as compared to how the utility company is currently generating its power - then the electric utility would adopt their use? You better believe they would! Actually, when making the comparative decisions you mention - wind vs photovoltaic, etc. the biggest variables are the conditions of the given SITE. Therefore, you will find commercial wind farms up on open hilltops looking over the Pacific Ocean, and you will find large photovoltaic farms in the sunny southwestern deserts. Where you live, I would venture to say that your $24,000 could be spent on, say, 50% conservation measures (either better insulation, run 3, less air infiltration, more efficient shade tree planting, etc.) and 50% just pay the electric bills for another 10 years and wait for thechnology to catch up with politics or the other way around, whichever comes first. Don't forget, there is no better green tip that this: keep it SUSTAINABLE!:D)

i would recommend geo-thermal with the state and fed tax credits it should pay for itself in five years or less.


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