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Green Copper Water Pipe


I was tracking down a smell of wet wood in my kitchen tonight... under the sink I noticed the small water pipe leading to the kitchen sink is all green.. it's copper. Is it supposed to go green like that? Looks bad to my untrained eye... but if it's normal, then I won't worry about it.

Re: Green Copper Water Pipe

no it shouldn't be green, call your plumber and check that pipe further to see if it is leaking somewhere. you say you are smelling wet wood. that isn't good either. you don't want wood decay

Re: Green Copper Water Pipe

Of course, it's a holiday weekend - have to wait for the plumber, but he'll be my first call next year! haha!

So what makes copper pipes turn green like that?
Our water out here must be terrible germy because the water company really pours in the chlorine - sometimes it's so strong it'll make your eyes sting just running water into the washing machine... and smells very 'bleachy' coming out of the taps. Would the chlorine cause the copper to go green like that?

Re: Green Copper Water Pipe

Do a Google search for "green copper pipe", and you'll find that it might be a stain from the flux used on the soldered joints.


Re: Green Copper Water Pipe

Look at our nations symbol in NYC she is in the harbor.That the best example of green copper-so water and elemnets turn it that color.

Re: Green Copper Water Pipe

Well, I found the leaky culprit - my spray attachment. Water'd run down the hose and onto the wood under the sink. crud. :(

Solved that problem by not using the sprayer (ok, at least until I get a plumber to come out and replace the entire faucet and spray attachment unit!).

The copper pipe is very green and kinda ugly, but not leaking. It's green from the point it comes up out of the concrete (my house is on a slab, no crawlspace), to the first soldering, which is hte on-off valve, valve part is not green, and green just above the valve connection. Other pipes under the sink don't look like that. It's the hot water pipe. If that's normal, I won't worry any longer.

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