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A. Spruce
Great Upgrades!

I want to thank whomever is in charge of maintaining the website and forums for destroying the site more and more with each upgrade. We've gone from an easy to find and use forum to one that is, for all intents and purposes, useless. Traffic has all but dried up and your devout regulars whom have stuck by you for years, have had to go find new places to share their knowledge.

This latest change to include a 2" static header to the page has to be the best overall improvement made to date! Now, instead of being able to see useful page content users get to read one line at a time because of this useless, massive header! This wonderful upgrade is topped only by the lack of navigation controls. Kudo's folks on a job well done! Your next improvement should be to walk into the server room and put an ax through all the equipment, that should make the site and forum absolutely perfect!

You have made it plainly clear that you do not care about your forum, the DIY'rs who come for advice, and least of all, the very people instrumental to the longevity and success of the forum, the devoted professionals that donate their time and expertise, without so much as a "thank you".

So, again, I'd like to thank the site management staff at TOH for all the great upgrades! You're doing great job!!! You may now go back to what you do best, dismissing this post as merely the rant of a lunatic and ignoring the ever growing problem of a dying forum due to your own incompetence.

Best of luck to you,

A. Spruce
Contributing member since this forum started . . . until today.

Re: Great Upgrades!

Well Houzz sure screwed up good this time. I guess they think they'll be more successful with pages of discussions about which shade of puce is appropriate for bath vanity toe-kicks while ignoring the real DIY'ers who Spruce spent years helping out here. They don't know what they've lost

Spruce- thanks for all the good years and I'll see you yonder where folks still understand what it is to help people instead of trying to sell them useless sh!+

This may be my last round here too because those same idiots who can't spell "House" correctly have screwed up the forum layout and it really sucks.


Re: Great Upgrades!


The saving grace of this forum was meeting and getting to know the fine professionals who gave of their time.

I'm jumping ship as well. Those in charge of this forum drive it into the ground very effectively.

A. Spruce
Re: Great Upgrades!

Long time moderator Jack McDaniels has left too, right after TOH revoked his moderator abilities without warning or just cause. Others no longer come around either because of the crap TOH is doing.:rolleyes:

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