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Great project or am I outta my mind ?

Thinking of reconverting from funeral home / duplex to single family home - I am looking at purchasing a funeral home that has been converted into a poorly designed duplex.
I could some advice/ opinions on sourcing the original layout of the home to help with the reconversion. The property has over 4K of space - trying to figure a way to bring it back to traditional single occupancy state - living room/. dining room/ kitchen/ master bedroom/ office/woodshop area

Re: Great project or am I outta my mind ?

I could be an interesting project with a lot of space. It will probably involve a lot more work than you think. An architect could be of use. I assume the zoning permits a residence without the business attached, but check to be sure a variance or rezoning isn't required. I always wanted to convert an old country church into a residence, but it isn't likely to happen for me.

Re: Great project or am I outta my mind ?

Before givng an architect a check, talk to a few local remodelers / builders who are familiar with the homes in your neighborhood. The guys who actually do the work will have a good idea about what is more possible with what you are starting with and where you want to go.

SOme of my best friends are architects. They are fine people, as long as they don't draw in public.

Re: Great project or am I outta my mind ?

I agree with the other posts regarding some due-diligence before you start (and especially liked HoustonRem's comment abt architects drawing in public. :))

I have this opinion that renovating a house is an adventure, so I'll add that it sounds like a great project for sure and I don't think you're out of your mind for giving it serious consideration.

Take the advice of the other two and gather as much info as you can, but in the end I hope it makes sense for you.


Re: Great project or am I outta my mind ?

In theory this could be a great idea! however i know im very superstious and would never live in a funeral home. Just have to keep that in mind it could be hard to get people into it no matter how great it looks. It doesnt mean you wont find people that wont mind.

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