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Gravel Drive-Weed Issue

We purchased an old Bed & Bath and have encountered a problem with the gravel drive. Weeds are sprouting throughout the very large driveway/parking area leading up to the house which is lined with gravel. After various attempts at spraying the weeds with chemicals they still keep coming back. The drive is also several hundred square feet so spraying constantly gets to be very expensive and time consuming. We know paving the drive would solve our problems but we prefer the gravel. It’s a medium size gravel right now, would finer gravel help? Do we need to line the base of the drive with something like weedblock that is used in gardens or would that make the gravel slip around all over when cars drove over it?

Re: Gravel Drive-Weed Issue

There is an option to spraying you can get a propane torch just for weed control. It has a long handle and you actually burn the weeds out. They burn right up so there is not much danger of fire. I have seen tehm on Northern Tool and Equipment.com.

Re: Gravel Drive-Weed Issue

There are some granular herbicides that sterilize the soil for quite a while . The propane torch method works great and is obviously more enviromentally friendly if that's an issue with you .

A. Spruce
Re: Gravel Drive-Weed Issue

Here's a little something I threw together when I purchased a weed torch not so long ago. Check it out and see if this is an option for you.

Weed Torch Review

Re: Gravel Drive-Weed Issue

It's a problem with gravel drives. No mater what size stone you use, the cars drive over it and grind some of it to dust, the wind blows seeds on to it and they sprout. Herbicides will kill what's growing but more seeds will come. Vegetation killer will kill them and sterilize the soil for a while but can be washed out into the grass area beside the drive and eventually more seeds will come. You can use a torch to burn and kill but new seeds will come. Weedblock will keep weeds from coming up from below but will not keep the seeds that blow in from sprouting. Everything needs maintenance some more than others. If you pave you just change the type of maintenance required.

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