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The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The grass is still green thanks to Trugreen. They have done a wonderful job this year.

Re: The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have the soil tested for mineral content and possible contaminants. This would indicate the proper treatment or need to replace the soil. Your county agricultural agent can direct you to a good lab, many farm service centers could as well.

Re: The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a different lawn company. Lawn Doctor is a good franchise with an all organic program if you want it. They also have a patented seeding machine that gets the seed in the ground and covered well.
Renovate the lawn in the early fall so it has time to establish before the summer dry spell. The fall in my area tends to be a little wetter and the sun isn't as intense,
It needs to be kept moist when it is first planted. Deep watering, not frequent watering later will help the roots grow.
Proper fertilizing will help in that requard too.

Re: The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree go to professionals they will design the lawn, fertilization is best option for best results

Re: The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grow lights and a misting system on a timer in the basement after you have completely light sealed any windows usually gives the best results for grass growing.

Re: The grass will not GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need a soil analysis or site analysis by an expert. Something is abnormal in your yard. You may have a disease or fungus, but the lawn care company should have caught that.

I suspect that some former owner may have used way too much of a powerful defoliator in the soil and it may take many years before it breaks down enough to allow grass to grow again.

If it is a disease or fungus, try a weekly spray of one cup of Listerene and a tablespoon of liquid detergent in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer.

BTW, what the "Lawn Care" salesman told you about HD or Lowes is not true. Its really a question of DYI and paying someone else. In your case, conventional tactics are not working, you need someone with more knowledge than a lawn care salesman.

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