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Grape Vine Trellis

I am looking for advice on how to install some 4x4 posts with wire between them to string my grape vines on. They are currently a mess on the ground. How far apart can I make the posts? How do I keep the wire taut? How do I keep the 4x4 posts square? And any other advice from someone who knows or has been there and done it.


Re: Grape Vine Trellis

I'm eagerly awaiting response on this, too, JJJ - I have about 20' of fence for my grapes, there when I bought the house. They used round wooden fence poles set in the dirt about 6 or so feet apart and strung some sort of thick, multi-srand wire between them at 2 or 3 levels for the vines to cling to.
Now the poles are rotting at ground level and toppling, so if you want it to last and last, probably shouldn't use plain untreated wood.

Re: Grape Vine Trellis

you can go on line and see how different grape vines are supported. that part isn't a high science. how to properlly prune is of higher importance.

A. Spruce
Re: Grape Vine Trellis

You can set the posts any way you want. Drive by any vineyard and you've got peeler posts (the round green ones ) set in dirt with wire between them. The key here is that they also install an anchor post at either end of the run and run the wires past the last post and down to the anchor. You could use steel posts, either a driven in "T" post or a concrete set Postmaster. Steel would be permanent, and I'd still recommend the anchor at the end. As far as span between posts, probably no more than 10' to 12', keeping in mind that as the plants grow and fruit out, they will become quite heavy and need additional support.

Re: Grape Vine Trellis

This may sound strange but I will throw this out there. Have you ever thought about calling or emailing Welch Foods or National Grape Cooperative? They might be able to provide some insight. Just to give you a flavor, the National Grape Cooperative is the business end of working with the vineyard owners on growing of the grapes for Welch's. I know Welch's has a small vineyard at their R&D center in Billerica, MA. Maybe someone there might be able to offer some suggestions.

Just a couple of suggestions.

Re: Grape Vine Trellis

I did mine by using a post hole digger going down 24". No concrete, just tamped the dirt back with a 1" iron pipe with a iron cap on it. I used heavy duty clothes line strung between the posts, set 8' apart. I didn't use an anchor post, but its not a bad idea. The posts have remained straight for about 20 years now, all but one that fell over. I think that that post didn't get treated right.

Re: G**** Vine Trellis

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