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Granite Countertop Roughness

We remodeled our 1/2 bathroom about 4 years ago. I now have 2 boys (age 4 and 2)who love to play in the sink. I've noticed that around the hot water handle in an area about 4 inches across the granite is rough and is cloudy. I'm sure there's been standing water there, but I don't use abrasive things to clean the bathroom I've put on our granite sealer and do so as recommended, but I have not seen any improvement in this area. Can someone help?

Re: Granite Countertop Roughness

more then likely what you have is a mineral or "scum" build up on the surface of the granite, it is there because of water sitting on the top. take a straight razor blade and place it at about a 22.5 degree angle to the top and scrap lightly across the area and you will know instantly if that is the problem which I suspect it is. just scrape clean. then use a fine steel wool to buff across the area and that should be all it takes.

Re: Granite Countertop Roughness

Just replace the tops and send the boys to military school.

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