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I want to get a new granite countertop but I want the backsplash to be the same. I am getting discouraged since people are telling me it doesn't look right, or the granite will be entirely too thick to use as a backsplash. I know nothing about this and I guess my first question would be...do people use the same countertop granite as their backsplash AND do they make the granite thinner in thickness before they put it up as a backsplash? I can only imagine that they would not use a thick piece of granite for that type of a job but I don't know I'm so confused...

Re: Granite

We have seen many backsplashes done in slab granite.

Ignore the nay sayers, put in the materials you want.

A. Spruce
Re: Granite

Stone of all types are used as backsplash, so in this case the naysayers are wrong. There is nothing wrong with using granite for both the counter and the backsplash, it's done all the time and it looks fine. The one thing I will add to this is that the area can look a little "monolithic" with all that stone. To add interest and design, you could tile the backsplash with a complimentary colored tile and incorporate trim tiles and/or specimen tiles for something a bit different.

You should be able to find all sorts of examples on-line of both granite BS and tiled BS. Look through a few and see what strikes your fancy. Oh, and when asked if you want the full splash to continue behind the stove/cooktop, YES! Absolutely, YES, you want this!

Re: Granite

Granite comes in different thicknesses, so you can install a thinner blacksplash, if you think that the counter top is too thick.

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