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A. Spruce
Re: Grab bars

ya know, it's been a while since I've had a good tongue lashing ... :o :p :D

One poignant adjunct to this story is that the previous house had all kinds of electrical issues when the owner first bought it. She ended up having a significant portion rewired with a new service. The two main problems with this house was that it was older and she didn't want to spend the money to update/remodel it. Her contention was that there was nothing wrong with it that a little cosmetic love and TLC couldn't fix. The other issue was a pool that was never used and she really didn't want to pay to maintain.

When she had me come look at the new house before buying it I told her that it was her existing house all over again, DO NOT BUY THIS HOUSE! All she saw was how cute it was. What she wasn't seeing was this was a clone of her old house that someone put a few bucks into to clean up and make pretty - update, in the most loose meaning of the word. I pointed out all kinds of aesthetic flaws and couldn't let them go. I apologized for harping on all these aesthetic issues, but the analogy of "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..." came to mind. If the so called "finish" work was as bad as I was seeing, what was hidden behind the walls and in the attic that we weren't seeing? A few weeks later I get a call and she says "you're not going to be happy, but I bought the house." Well, within a week of purchase, I was over there repairing electrical issues and a host of other things that were not as they had seemed prior to purchase. Within a few months she was mounting a lawsuit for non-disclosure, which her real estate agent talked her out of. This woman has been a client for almost 20 years and she didn't take my advice to run. To top it off, she let her real estate agent talk her out of a justified lawsuit to save his own butt cheeks. In the last year she's replaced the sewer mainline from the house to the street that cost her $15K to $18K (she won't admit the actual cost ), and has piece mealed the replacement of parts within the Zinsco panel without actually replacing the panel. If she'd have spent the money on the old house that she's spent on this "new" one (actually the same age or older than her previous house ), she'd have a great house with no worries.

But alas, tomorrow is another day, the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and I'll get yet another call that something has gone horribly wrong with this home! :o :rolleyes:


Re: Grab bars

Ah yes ... the old "how cute it is " reason.:confused: :rolleyes: :D

A. Spruce
Re: Grab bars

Installed the bars today, as suspected, tile over 1/2" drywall. Used a 24" bar under a window that was able to span the framing for secure purchase. By accident in looking for this thread I used the search feature for the site, not the forum and came up with this:


Tommy is installing the Wingits grab bar fastener that I had found in my research earlier. At $25 a pop, they're a bit spendy, and also require a coring bit to install, for a total first time cost of about $75. After that you'd just be buying the fasteners. The vid of Tommy is him installing through tile and 1/2" rock and he comments that it's rated at over 400 pounds.

Thanks for the help and the chit-chat. We now return you to your regularly scheduled shenanigans! :D:D


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