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Grab bar installation questions

I am retrofitting a tile shower with grab bars. The wall opposite the shower head is about 32" wide. With the backer board, tile, etc. the stud at one end is not reachable for fastener and the other end of the wall has the shower door frame attached which takes up that stud. This leaves only 1 usable stud for fastening. With backer board, tile thickness, etc. the wall is about 1 1/2" thick. Is there any reasonable way to fasten a grab bar other than vertically on the middle stud?

Re: Grab bar installation questions

Ideally the wall should have wood blocking or metal plate behind the backer board to fasten to.
Toggle bolts may provide enough support, especially if you can at least fasten to the stud too.
Check with the manufacturer of the grab bars. They may have some kind of retrofit mounting kit.
This might work. http://www.bobrick.com/Bobrick/SearchResults.aspx?sendingPageType=CatalogBase

Re: Grab bar installation questions

Toggle bolts would also be my first idea. But it is important to consider the intended user. A 98lb grandma probably wouldn't stress out the bulkiest of toggles too much, but someone of a sizeable substance could possibly rip the toggle out the first time he/she lost footing.
IS THE SHOWER LINED BY INTERIOR WALLS?? If the walls are dividing rooms, I would personally prefer to rip out the drywall on the adjacent wall and add 4X3 blocking (its only 2 1/2" not 3 1/2" so it won't touch the backerboard in the shower causing tiles to be pushed loose) and use shims or spacers to pull the grab bar tight between the backerboard & the horizontal shower support. Oh, and the reason for the 3X4 instead of a 2X4 is for more secure toenailing, as it will be less likely to need to nail through the beam and into the backerboard. It's never really a big deal to patch drywall. But if its a plaster house....

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Re: Grab bar installation questions

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A grab bar should be able to support twice the weight of the heaviest person who will use it. If that person should start falling and catch himself on the grab bar, the force can be as much as twice their weight as they arrest their fall. Be sure to consider outward and sideward as well as downward forces.

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