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a good stain??

what is a good stain to redo my log house in??? i dont wanna go cheap and have to restain my house every year, but i dont wanna get top dollare stain and still have to do it every few years?? whats a good all around stain, with good longevity if there is such a thing in stain?? im also in wisconsin, so we have extreme changes in weather!!

A. Spruce
Re: a good stain??

Ordjen will probably be the one to answer this one. The last log home I worked on was over 25 years ago and I'm pretty sure that what was available back then isn't today. :D

You might try contacting some log home manufacturers and see what they're recommending. It would at least be a place to start.

Re: a good stain??

give me a couple days, i work with someone who use to build log homes, he has family which still do, he takes a few weeks off from us every year to scrape logs for his uncle. he might know

Re: a good stain??

Just bumping this to see if you ever found a good reccomendation?

Re: a good stain??

No i guess i never did get any other info on the stain.. Needless to say i put off staining this year, mainly becuase im outa town 6 plus days a week this last year, but im still hoping to get good insight if anyone else has anything!

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