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Good place for insulation advice?

A couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of questions here that I had about insulating my attic. Unfortunately, apparently no one here knew the answers, since no one responded to my post. So as a follow-up question, could someone tell me where a good place to go to get some answers would be? Thanks for any assistance.

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

Hi, Ibrewster. . . .didn't see your earlier posts.

What sort of insulation advice are you seeking?

Many of the regular posters here are very knowledgeable, so please don't give up on them. I've received great advice on several of the projects I needed guidance on.

I'll do a search and see if I can answer your earlier questions, as I did some insulation work in various places around the house last year and learned a lot.

Good luck. Tim

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

Thanks for the response. As I laid out in my first thread I'm looking for advice on what the best type of insulation to blow into my attic is (fiberglass or cellulose), as well as the easiest way to keep the eve and gable vents clear, considering the tight space available in my attic.

I've done some looking around, but all the how-to guides I've found seem to assume a wide-open, easily accessible attic (almost another floor to the house) where you can just walk over to the eve vents easily and staple whatever on (this is not the case in my attic). As far as the type of insulation goes, I have found many sites recommending one or the other, and many people with very polarized views on the subject, but no clear discussion of why you should choose one over the other, or even enough polarized views to determine which has the most supporters.

Thank you for any advice you can offer.


Re: Good place for insulation advice?

Hi ibrewster - I have been watching your thread for advice. Have similar problem with less head room in center. Eventually someone will help us out.

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

With no headroom to comfortably work in your attic to put in baffles, I would suggest using fiberglass batt insulation. It might be tricky getting it into position, but you could install it slightly pulled away from eaves so you would effectively get the air gap the baffles would offer.

Other than that, you just might have to pull on a Tyvek suit (sold all over the place) and belly crawl in to put in the baffles. Afterwhich you would be able to use any form of blown-in insulation you desire.

Good luck. . . .Tim

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

I to would recommend fiberglass you could use batts or if you want it blown in you could either use a piece of a bat or some felt paper to allow venting.

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

When blowing in insulation and you get near the eaves, start shooting the insulation at the underside of the roof deck instead of at the ceiling. In this way, you can let the insulation fall on the ceiling and slowly creep it towards the eaves thereby controlling that it does not cover the eave vents.
Best, Mark

Re: Good place for insulation advice?

Thanks for the suggestions. The last one about shooting at the ceiling looks the most promising - perhaps I'll try that first in a small area, and if it doesn't appear to be working, back off and try something else.

I have considered fiberglass batts, but with the truss system, I don't think I'd be able to lay them very well. All the advice I have seen on that says to lay the second layer perpendicular to the first, which makes sense (otherwise you have bare boards running across the ceiling). But with the verticals of the truss system getting in the way, I would think this would be rather difficult to manage effectively. Perhaps I could cut the batts to go around the trusses, but I don't know how well that would work. It bears some consideration, however.

As far as baffles go, what would I be looking for if I did go to put some in? I've done some searches at homedepot.com and the like, but I don't seem to find anything. Perhaps my search terms are wrong? Or is there something easier/more straight forward? Thanks again!

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