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good exterior glue

has anyone had any success gluing up cedar boards for exterior use?
i may need to do this, and would like reccommendations for glue if i go this route
the first thing that come to mind is gorilla glue
any ideas?


Re: good exterior glue


I don't thnk the original Gorilla glue is what you want. It is a urethane glue that needs water to activate it and it foams up when curing. If the edges aren't secured, the foaming action will push them apart! The foaming also pushes out of the edges and can make a mess.

Re: good exterior glue

Are you needing wider stock or thicker stock?
For edge gluing (wider) I'd probably use epoxy or titebond III; for laminating (thicker) I'd just use yellow glue, apply just enough with a roller, put in the press or use tons of deep-jaw wood clamps to get even pressure every place.

Re: good exterior glue

Titebond III is what I use.


Re: good exterior glue

polyurethane glue would be the best in my opinion yes it makes a mess but it works well. cedar is trick to glue though i always wipe the glue faces with acetone to remove the oils from the surface just before gluing. then with poly glue dampen the faces to be glues aply glue and clamp. titebond 3 works to but i prefer polyurethane glue.

Re: good exterior glue

tightbond 3 or epoxy

Re: good exterior glue

Titebond III is what I use.

Same here. Best wood glue I've ever used.

Having said that I am now trying out a new glue called Power Grab. Dries in around 30 minutes, but best to let it dry (clear) overnight, has no smell, and has incredible holding power. There are different versions of this glue for different applications, so make sure you use the right one. I have used the "general construction" version with great results. You can see a video about it below.


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