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Going From Door to Window is a Pane

Sorry about that! :p

I just wanted to show our process for successfully bricking up an old door and installing a new stone sill to convert the door to a window.

We're not above begging for acknowledgment.

Check it out if you're interested in how we did it. Feel free to ask questions here or there.


And if anyone has an atta-boy for us, we'll take it!

Re: Going From Door to Window is a Pane

Atta boy! I've got the same situation, but I don't have the guts to tackle it. Maybe after another six pack....

Re: Going From Door to Window is a Pane

That's funny. We were fearful too, and our "go-to" handy guy told us to have a couple beers and go to it.

I saw his bricked up door. I do NOT recommend the beer. :p

We just got into it. It wasn't too bad.

The trick, I think, is to dry fit each course first, use a line and a short level for each course. If it looks too far off, don't be afraid to yank the course up. The whole thing was about 6 hours worth of work and should have been less.

Tools needed:

Brick hammer
2' level
line level
duct tape (for the twine)

If you need to cut out a sill, I strongly recommend a grinder.

Try to duplicate what's already in the house. That seems to work well and give you confidence. If it held up for 100 years, it's probably OK, right?


Re: Going From Door to Window is a Pane

Real Nice.

You're come a long way. Have a cold one on me. :cool:

Re: Going From Door to Window is a Pane

Thanks, BW.

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