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Go over old wall tile

I understand that if you use the correct "thinset" you can tile over old floor tiles that are in good shape but I am doing a kitchen and want to know if I can do the same over the wall tiles over the countertop. I have the standard 4 inch "shiny" ceramic tiles. Can I leave them there and sand the glazed tiles until they are "rough" ? There is a new baby upstairs and we want to avoid banging off the old tiles ,if possible, unless someone knows a "quiet" way to remove the wall tiles and sheetrock. I know I don't. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks

Re: Go over old wall tile

I am not a contractor but I have put tile on top of tile and I wouldn't recommend it. Wish I had ripped it out and started fresh.

Re: Go over old wall tile

My wife and I ran into a similar situation with our bathroom--with tile on all the walls, ceiling and floor, along with a toddler in the next room who likes her sleep.

I'm no tile expert, but after internet searching and a fair bit of time reading several tiling books, we decided that while it did sound theoretically possible to tile over existing tile, we only wanted to do the job once, so, sledgehammers in hand, we gutted it.

I'd rather deal with a cranky two year old than see how miserable and depressed a husband and wife will get when their beautiful wall tiles fall off three month later.

Talk to a local tile reseller or installer if you still have doubts--I'm sure they've fielded this question before.

Re: Go over old wall tile

The main problem with tiling over old tile is the new tile is only as good as the old tiles are. Since backsplashes (BS) are the most forgiving of tiled surfaces, you can use a good quality thinset such as Laticrete 254 to get a very good bond.

The other issue to keep in mind - What happens at the edges of the tiled area? Will there be thickness issues at windows? where the BS meets painted drywall? The outlets can be extended with the proper screws.

Before proceeding;

1- tap on each and every tile to test for soundness. If it sounds hollow or moves, it has to come down.

2- scuff the surface of the old tile

3- press on the wall in general. If the wall bows in, then strip it down to the studs and add blocking.

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