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Glue/adhesive for tile "in-situ" and underlayment for tile.

I repairing some grout in my shower. I'm going to have to do some repair of the tile on a window sill, but I don't want to have to remove any more tile than necessary. Here's my questions.

1) What's the best product to put under tile in a window sill that is in a shower? When I took the tile off the sill, I found some drywall and some spackle and I don't think that's the best product to have under there.

2) After I took off the window sill tiles, I noticed that some of the tile on the wall leading down from the sill was not fully attached. The grout on the tile is fine, and I don't want to remove more tile. Is there an adhesive that I can squirt down behind the tile to re-adhere the tile to the wall?


Re: Glue/adhesive for tile "in-situ" and underlayment for tile.

I wouldn't use ANY kind of glue or adhesive in a bath/shower area. Use a good thinset and do it right.
If you really wanna do it right use Kerdi fabric thinset down first and then thinset the tile onto the Kerdi fabric.

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