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Glazing tile

I'm restoring a Victorian home that has original white honeycomb tile in master bath that appears to be in good shape except for needing major cleaning. My 1st choice would be to try to paint it (maybe a dark/navy blue) and then put a glaze over it. [I'm concerned that installing new floor tile may be a problem because the added material could impact the leveling of all the pipes for the clawfoot tub, ceiling showercurtain, etc.] Is it possible to paint and/or glaze an existing floor tile in a home?

Re: Glazing tile

It is possible to paint over the tile but I wouldn't recommend it for flooring. When it is painted the grout lines are painted as well so your entire floor would be the same colore rather then having the crisp grout lines. You can not regrout over top of the paint.
either way the pain will eventually peal up due to normal foot traffic and wahsing.
I would not recommend tiling over top either, that will affect everything from the threshold height into the bath to having to raise plumbing ect.
A quick fix might be to clean it with a heavy duty product like Zap or a product called The Good Stuff and try to seal it with a tile sealant like Miracle Sealents 511 line. I would maybe try a small corner first. You can get these a local tile stores.

If you are looking for it to be blue the best fix would be to tear up the wet bed and have a new one poured with new tile. Hex tile is fairly inexpensive and easy to find in a variety of colors, the tough part is the cost of demo and pouring a new wet bed along with having the bathroom out of commission.
I hope this was helpful and good luck!

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