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Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

I've read the suggestions, and some of them are really great, but I get a feeling that they are what the posters would like to "get", while the original poster asked about gifts for a first time new homeowner.

Still I think that a prepaid credit card/gift card/store card is the best gift to "give".

With such a gift, the new homeowner can pick the item he/she needs first. Ah freedom !

victoria stiles
Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

These are really very nice gift ideas for new home owners. Thanks for5 sharing.

Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

I definitely agree with the suggestion of a gift card for the local home improvement store. Either that, or if you know what the person has, some sort of tool that they might need.

Also, a plant of some sort for a garden or porch is always nice. And the little pads you put under your furniture to make them easier to move.

Timothy Miller
Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

Howdy this is funny if a man buys a women a kitchen appliance he's a bone head. But a women buying a man a tool is different? LOL

Instead of a tool hows the landscaping? Does he like to play in dirt of do DIY projects? If so something you could do together like pick out an plant a few shrubs or a tree with him.

Far better does he have lawn furniture? Gifting a table and 2 chairs add candle bottle of wine moon light and tha'ts a birthday.

Re: what about a roll along chest for a core tool kit?

Problem with those type of tool chests is that, although on wheels, they are pretty static because they have to stay in the garage/workshop/shed!

For in the house work, I like to have a 'core' tool kit in a roll along chest. It is still pretty heavy but it is easy enough to get it into other rooms in the house.

Core kit is your usual hammers, screwdrivers, cordless drills, squares, chisels etc. Basically the tools that you would always need on the job. Leaving the router and other less used tools in the the drawer in the 'shop'.

Just my opinion tho.....:confused:

victoria stiles
Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

Here are some handy tools that make great gift ideas. You can also try some nice decoration gifts.

Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

I like your idea dear .

Stackable Washe...
Re: Gift ideas for new homeowner

How about a really nice grill for the backyard ... that's a perfect gift. It's very hard buying a gift for a man, so maybe your best option is a gift card.


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