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ghost flushing?

the 5 year old toilet sometimes sound like it is flushing for a few seconds.
sometimes several times a day.
there is a slight movement of water in the toilet bowl, but nothing obvious in the tank.
it is the type without the bar and float across the tank.
what is problem?
Suzuki Boulevard S83

Re: ghost flushing?

water is leaking from the tank into the bowl. You can pick up a kit to replace the contents of the tank at most home centers...or you can try to figure out what gasket/seal has gone bad and replace it. Other readers might be better at identifying the failed component than I.

Re: ghost flushing?

most of the time it's the flapper which isn't sitting properly any more. I have the same trouble with one of my toilets. I need to replace the flapper and handle next weekend.

Re: ghost flushing?

I had the same problem with a toilet in my new home. (new to me that is...)

Spend the $20 on the rebuild kit. It should include a supply float valve, a down tube with a flapper, a gasket set, handle, screws, and most important INSTRUCTIONS!!:eek:

Read the instructions, then read them again:D

You don't need to take the bottom of the toilet off the floor to fix this.
Just the tank, shut the water off, remove the water, remove the tank and then replace the parts.
Most important - take care in tightening the screws and nuts, too tight and you're on your way to the store for a new toilet...
cracking is not good or repairable.
The large nut that holds down the down tube/flapper should be hand tight to stop the tube from turning, plus 1/4 turn.
The screws that hold the tank to the base should be alternately tightened once the nuts are hand snug,
they don't have to be absolutely tight..just snugged down.
Be sure to follow the instructions about screw, rubber washer, and nut then wingnuts on the base.

The other nuts should be normal tight.
Also you'll need a big spong to soak out ALL the water in the tank before you remove it. (My wife yelled at me for not doing this when I washed the bathroom floor for her, unintentionally).

It will take about an hour or so.

Good luck.

Re: ghost flushing?

Dump some food coloring in the tank if it's leaking the water in the bowl will show the color. Try replacing the flapper first.

Re: ghost flushing?

Here's my guess of what's happening:

  1. The flapper is leaking. This allows a slow seepage of water into the bowl.
  2. When the water level in the tank drops below a certain level, the float valve opens and you hear the "flushing" sound of the water refilling the tank. Some water is also diverted into the overflow tube, which normally refills the bowl after the flush. This causes the motion you see in the bowl.
  3. Once the tank is full, the float valve closes and the cycle repeats.

The answer, then, is to replace the flapper, for less than $10. No tools required except some dexterity in your fingers.

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