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Re: GFIC outlet in work shed
chromarado wrote:

You have created an Shock Hazard by eliminating the GFI in shed .You have created a dangerous situation by wiring the compressor on the line side of the GFI. Yes of course this works now because you eliminated the 15 amp rated GFI inbetween , Please rewire GFI to a 20amp one and wire your standard duplex off the "load" terminals.

All 15 amp GCFIs I have seen have a 20 amp pass through. The problem is that GCFIs do not work well with capacitive loads. The capacitor by it's nature time delays the power out from the power in, because of this the GCFI sees a difference in current flow between the hot and the common and thus the GCFI trips. Does he need to have a ground wire added, absolutely.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: GFIC outlet in work shed

i didn't see he didn't have a ground wire. we don't have new earth ground from our shed panel we have at main in house we ran insulated ground wire with feeder to our shed he said he had a breaker bok in the shed so i figure he has same thing. we didn't have to have new earth ground from panel in shed they told us specially to not have a ground to earth in the shed. i think you should ask him if he has feeder or service breaker box in shed. if it is grounded why is it a problem to not have compressor on gfci?

Re: GFIC outlet in work shed

All 15 or 20 amp receptacles in the shed should be ground fault protected, I see no difference from a garage or unfinished basement for example which are required to be protected.This requirement is in place to prevent an electrocution hazard. Circumventing a safety requirement cannot be the solution.


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