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Re: GFCI Outlet Problems

You never have to apologize for expressing an opinion.
It should be pointed out that inductive and capacitive loads affect current flow, capacitors cause time delays, and inductive loads cause forward and reverse EMF. Both cause the imbalance in current flow on the hot and common and can cause GFCI's to trip. A hair dryer is a combination of resistive load (the heater) and inductive load (the blower motor). That is what trips the GFCI not and overload. All GFCI receptacles that I have seen, although configured as 15 amp outlets, are designed to carry 20 amp, that is expressed as the pass through current rating of the unit.

Over the years I have trouble shot many a GFI problems. One overlooked Item are hair dryers left un-covered in the bathrrom tend to collect powder, skin particles, and moisture. The moisture can cause a GFI to trip. The cords often get twisted during use and can also damage the insulation which inturn trip a GFI if damp. Even though this wasn't a concern of the OP I thought I would point this over looked item.:)


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