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Getting rid of rocks

I have atleast 2 tons if not more, of rocks and slate that I want to get rid of. Anyone know the quick and easy, and cost efficient! way of getting rid of them?

By the way, I am not near any rivers, lol.

A. Spruce
Re: Getting rid of rocks

Throw them over the fence into the neighbors yard? ;):D

If the rock is usable as landscape material, put an ad on Craigslist or put it at the end of your driveway with a 'free' sign on it and someone will haul it away for you.

Re: Getting rid of rocks

Well, if you had one of these:

That worthless pile of rocks would suddenly become valuable as ammunition.

Re: Getting rid of rocks

Spruce and Nestor you are too funny, and I had a good laugh.

What about recycling them into your landscaping, by breaking them to smaller pieces?

If you pass on this idea, the "free" sign might work, but you will have to carry them out to the sidewalk (don't carry them all at once).

Once I cut down a tree, and placed the logs on the sidewalk with a "free" sign. A little old lady came to the door and said: "I'll take them, if you cut them to smaller pieces and if you deliver them to my house"...dah

Re: Getting rid of rocks

While Nestor and Spruce's ideas are good ones LOL a more practical idea would be to try to get rid of the stone as clean fill. If it is not good enough for landscape material a lot of people are often looking for clean fill to fill low spots on their property. You could put an ad on craigslist for Free Clean Fill if you come get it. If it is good for landscape try to sell it, you could even try a stone yard in your area maybe they would want to buy it from you. Hope this helps you out.


Re: Getting rid of rocks

Sure wish you were near Mandan, ND - we'd love to have them. Past that, put a free ad anywhere you can think of & they'll be gone quickly.

Re: Getting rid of rocks

yeah, craigslist it, or if you have a quarry nearby you can ask their offices for some advice as to how you might want to deal with it.

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