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Getting New Gutters n Downs Install ????

HI Guys

Getting New Gutters n Downs Install ????

I am about to get a complete gutters n down installation and would like to know what questions one would ask when the contractor comes out .
At present , I have those old style seamless, uncapped (Leaf and twigs Nightmare) gutters and am going for the leaf guard type system .

Are there any particular questions I should be asking ???


Re: Getting New Gutters n Downs Install ????

It usually astraight forward job. One thing I notice on houses is how the down spouts wash out after a good rain. Make sure they can do something with drainage after the water leaves teh down spout.

Re: Getting New Gutters n Downs Install ????

I had installed several years ago the Gutter Helmet system. The issues I am having with it is more based upon the installer versus the actual design.

A few things to consider:

How will the water be discharged and in what direction? (I had to go back and correct several of the down spouts.)

What type of follow up do they offer? Gutter Helmet says they will come back out for any issues. Actually, they will come back out during warm weather months only. Water dripping down the facia board during a winter melt. Sorry, they won't come out to take care of that.

How will the downspouts be mounted to the house? Issue, they mounted the downspout bracket into a corner trim board and split the board dramatically.

A few things to consider, to the point where I like the system but I am frustrated with the support.

Good luck

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