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Getting my house re-wired, any idea?

Hello everybody. We purchased a house a few months ago, got it cheap and pretty much good to go now (just like a little trim here and there). Anyway, we are in east Ky, the house was built in 1924, and I need to have it re-wired. It has 2 new breaker boxes, new service entry cables, I've re-wired all the big stuff (stove, wall heaters, hot water heater). The thing that has really been bothering me is the kitchen, 2 bedrooms, porch light, living room and basement lights are all on one breaker. That's about 8 outlets and 10 lights. It's the old original wire. I replaced the outlets and a few lights. I know that's too much on 1 breaker, but it does fine. Either way I'm going to have it re done. So my question is does anybody have a remote idea of what something like this would cost? Just running the wire, no new breaker boxes or anything big? I've tried to research on the net but I just find where people have replaced everything. My bathroom, laundry room and the new living room are all good to go. Just need wires to the old living room, kitchen, porch, and 2 bedrooms which are both upstairs with plenty of attic space. The basement is big too, every things easy to get too. Thanks.

Re: Getting my house re-wired, any idea?
supergoob wrote:

So my question is does anybody have a remote idea of what something like this would cost?


There are far, far too many variables for anyone to be able to even estimate the number of electrician labor hours required to accomplish your goals based on any description you can provide on an 0nline forum. Even though your house was built in 1924, "typical" construction methods varied from region to region and from builder to builder. This will dictate where and how wires can be installed. The method of construction is much more standard nowadays, making estimating much easier.

Then you have to consider the skill of your electrician. Some will be able to do it quickly, others may take a long time. Some will use minimally invasive techniques; others will destructively blow massive holes in your walls. You may need to hire additional contractors to repair collateral damage: walls that need to be patched; trim that needs to be repaired or reinstalled.

Your best bet is to contact at least three electricians for estimates. Contact long-established builders in your area to find who they recommend. Contact electrical supply houses -- the electricians that pay their bills promptly often provide better service for their customers. Remember that the lowest bid may not be the best deal, and the highest bid may not be the best deal either. Sometimes the high bid is the best deal because the contractor understands and anticipates difficulty where another contractor would have a change order that ends up costing more. Always make sure the contractor understands the full scope of work, and do your best to communicate exactly what you want to prevent hard feelings later.

Re: Getting my house re-wired, any idea?

Some electricians will offer you limited re-wire service, just ask.

Re: Getting my house re-wired, any idea?

ditto fencepost and dj1

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