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Getting help with Landscape Design

I am a new board member to a landscaping committee for a condo complex. In past years we have spent over $10K on annual flowers. One of my thoughts was to incorporate more perrenials and far fewer annuals. What would be the best way to get help in choosing the plants and coming up with a design? I dont know if it would only be a landscape designer or if there are nurseries that would have someone come out to evaluate our location and make recommendations.

We are in southeast mass.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Re: Getting help with Landscape Design

I'd just do a search online, massachusetts landscape design, with Google. I'd bet you could find many Companies that can help you.

Re: Getting help with Landscape Design

I think you are on the right track as far as selecting more perennials! What a great way to save some $!

I would suggest talking with a county extension agent (If you have such a thing!), or, locate an agricultural college and see if they have any kind of outreach program or suggestions. Who knows, they may even landscape for free as a project! Also check to see if Mass. has an active Master Gardener program.

Here in Texas, we are very fortunate to have wonderful ag. extension offices and several great ag. colleges. There is even a nursery nearby stocked with fresh-from-school Agricultural grads.

I would also suggest trying to incorporate some native plants. These are always a wonderful addition to a landscape.

Re: Getting help with Landscape Design

I wouldn't suggest going to a nursery and asking them what to get. They are likely to just try and sell you whatever they have, or whatever they make the most money on. Some friends of mine had this happen to them, and two years later alot of the plants they bought that they were told were perfect for the areas they put them in have died.

I'd look to hire an independent party to come up with a good landscaping plan.

Re: Getting help with Landscape Design

A reputable nursery shouldn't do that to you, but there are some out there who will sell you whatever. Ideally, you should work with a local nursery who only stocks plants that are for your zone (barring houseplants, naturally), whether you use an independant landscaping consultant or not. It's a win/win situation.

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