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big willie
getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

i need to remove my old tub from the 2nd fl . how do i get it out?

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Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

either call every friend you have and have them help you or get a sledgehammer and smash it to bits. just make sure you wear the proper eye and safety equipment. the pieces will be very sharp.

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

Cast iron tubs are heavy. If you have the space to maneuver, you can get it out as a whole, with the help of some strong friend(s).

But most likely the space is tight,in which case, you'll have to cut or break it to pieces. I use a grinder with a metal blade and a sledge hammer. Hope you have good ventilation, goggles and patience.

Don't forget to disconnect the drain first.

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

If you want to remove it in one piece be prepared at how heavy it it.

We just removed an old blue cast iron tub from our 2nd floor bathroom. What we did was remove all of the nails from the nailing flange around the tub. We used an old beach towel and covered the part of the tub that was going to be hit with a sledge hammer. The towel did get holes in it so we had to pitch it too. This prevents the porcelain from flying all over the place. Hubby and son started on the inside where the tub in near the wall and broke that side with a few smashes with the sledge hammer. Then they broke the inside of the tub on the opposite side from the wall. Next smashed the top edge followed by the outside. The last part they did was the bottom because they had to stand in the tub to smash it. I read that you can wet the towel but we didn't and it prevented the porcelain from flying all over. This split the tub pretty much in half. It was still quite heavy. We ended up using a rug runner and turned it upside down so the actual rug part that you would walk on was facing down towards the floor. We put the broken part of the tub on it and slide it on the rug past the vanity and toilet so they didn't have to lift it above the toilet and vanity. Hubby and son actually slide it down the stairs that way too! Beat breaking their backs trying to lift and the edges that broke were quite sharp. Double bag any broken pieces as they are really sharp. Make sure you use a shop vac to clean the floor really well. That procelain is just like glass. Last but not least wear pants and safety glasses:) Yes make sure all of the plumbing is disconnected. Good luck.

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

If it has an apron on the side you can slide that side on carpet, I had success with that in the past, even down stair. If it has claw feet you can probably take them off and do the same.

You may consider getting a cheap metal cutter from harbor freight or another cheap tool seller. I'm not sure how it will hold up against cast iron, but you may be able to cut the tub into a few pieces before the motor burns up. The metal saw will probably cost you $10-20

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

We just smash them in place using mom's 20 pound sledge hammer.

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

Mom's 20 lb sledge? Is your Mom looking for a demo job? Sounds like she might do better than most of the guys I hire! :p Anyhoo, the sledge is the way to enlightenment making the pieces weigh less going downstairs. If the situation allows (and it always has so far), I go for small enough pieces to toss out the nearest window. Protect the house and ground with scrap plywood and remember that some pieces will bounce a distance away so have a safe drop zone. That beats making a stair a dirty superhighway and reduces the work to a minimum.

Skin-face-eye protection is a must doing this- ceramic chips in the eye may become permanent :( We use an old blanket to minimize the fly-aways and when the removal is almost done the blanket makes a good tote to put the last load in. Strike the flat areas, corners don't yield as well. It has scrap metal value so the local scavengers will probably be happy to take the debris away for free, especially if they can get a truck close to the pile :cool: On all demo work I try to take advantage of the scrappers to make for less I have to deal with and to save disposal fees. Just keep an eye on them so they take only the offered scrap :confused:


Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

...And I thought Mama used her 30 lb sledge hammer on daddy only...

Re: getting cast iron tub out of 2nd fl

Its a long running family joke of sorts. Back in 1960 mom & dad were building their first home. The guys sent mom to the store to buy a sledge hammer. She got the heaviest one they had. When she returned they told her that one was hers and they'd go get a lighter one.

That sledge has been in service ever since.

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