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get old plywood out of metal frame garage window and replace with....

This cheap metal frame single hung window has had this plywood (now rotted to the point you can poke your finger through it) in it since I bought this house. I need to re-route the dryer vent since it blows directly onto the outside a/c, and this window seems like the obvious choice. Also, good reason to get rid of the old 1/4" plywood before a strong wind does it for me. I'm thinking if I can get a piece of plexiglass in there I can moung a dryer vent right in the middle, and we'll even have a little more light in the garage. My problem is I have no idea how replacement of a piece of glass works with this kind of window. There's no glazing or putty, just a channell someone dropped the plywood into. Looks like the top should just tap out and remove, so you can put a new piece of whatever in and then tap the top back on, but I just don't see anywhere obvious to do that. Getting this old plyood out is not the problem, it's so rotten I could just pull it apart with my hands. Getting a new piece of some material back in is the problem. I'd appreciate advice frome anyone familiar with this type of frame. 

Clearly, I also need help uploading jpegs. My picture won't upload. Meets all the requirements. Going back to bed.


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