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Get behind a gov't program that really works!

I am a successful small business owner, I'm already booked into 2018, I learned the critical skills that many disadvantaged kids never get a chance to learn when I attended The Job Corps.

In 1980 I was unemployed, into drugs & alcohol and had no future, no place to live and nowhere to go.... 

Then I heard about The Job Corps ( ignore ANY salacious media stories ) a program that is a cross between College, Tech/Votech & the Military. 

There are millions of good kids in bad situations, hoping for a chance to make something of themselves - 

Ask the people in the trench's what the problems are. I've been there so I can tell you. You send any of these kids ( just like me ) to some typical school program, after school program, whatever it is, it only lasts for a few hours then the kid goes home. Back to where the problem started, back to the neighborhood with the gangs or drugs or whatever it is that is real life for these kids and whatever they were told during those precious few hours during some well meaning program spouting lofty ideals, well, that gets thrown right out the window when the reality of their lives hits them right between the eyes. or worse...

LBJ started a program that changes that dynamic. The Job Corps. The kids have to leave home, the farther away the better. They live on campus and have to follow rather strict rules of personal hygiene and personal living space and personal behavior. If they follow the rules they get a shot at life- training for a variety of useful trades and service jobs; Union Carpentry, Welding,  ASE Automotive, Heavy Duty Diesel, & many others. They get spending money, a clothing allowance and a savings account that they will receive as a check upon successful completion and graduation.

But maybe most important is the living arrangements; you actually live with people from all over the country of different colors and cultures, but unlike the military, the focus is on learning a skill that is immediately useful to society and the focus is on getting out successfully with OJT (on the job training) opportunities from local businesses... this program should be expanded exponentially with the funds already pledged and more from taxes if necessary.

The other great part about Job Corps is that ANY young people are welcome, not just black youths. It is precisely by being exposed to other ways of life that black youths learn about other ways of life and other people can learn about the problems black youths face by being able to interact with them on a daily basis. That's how I learned.

Please contact me or reply to this post with any serious questions, I will answer any & all to the best of my ability. The Job Corps saved me from a life of misery and most likely crime, it's not easy taking kids from really bad situations who already have bad habits and getting them on the path to responsible citizenship - The hard working, caring people who have dedicated their lives to these kids are heros.

Re: Get behind a gov't program that really works!

 I retired from the plastering trade at age 78.

I have hired Job Corps students starting in 1981 thru 1995 most had only basic skills in the plaster trade.

Out of about 20 students only 3 made it a career of it 1 is still working in the field, 1 has his own little plastering & stucco business.

1 went to the DC area an was working in a hospital as a resident plasterer.

one other retired from the Military and is now working with a contractor for the US Gov't.

All of these students came from Job Corps located in Fla, VA., NC., & OK.

 I keep in touch with all of the students that stayed with the program all of them keep in touch with me.

I have had stunents from the Albany GA. Job Corps visit my job site in 2000 for a hands on project at Market Hall Charleston, SC i didn't think the instructor had much interest in the project thus the students didn't get much from it.

I also visited the Albany, GA. school took sample new plaster materials for the students to use never ahd a response?

Also visited the school checked in and no one showed up to take me to the plaster instructor? ( I left and that was my last contact with JOB CORPS )

Also i tried to get students in to the program and was told they DID NOT QUALIFY i will not go into why they were not qualifed.

Most of the time the students ( in my opinion ) were dumpted on the Plastering Contractor with very little or no follow up.

I would have to provide transportation, help in finding quarters and other problems.

Maybe things have changed in the last 17 years.

How much follow up does Job Corps due after the students are relocated?

Some of the ones i had that left after them got the account saving check went to jail, got into Drugs & death due to over dose.

Married devorced and now walking the streets.




Re: Get behind a gov't program that really works!

There are millions of good kids in bad situations, hoping for a chance to make something of themselves .


Re: Get behind a gov't program that really works!
Frank wrote:

There are millions of good kids in bad situations, hoping for a chance to make something of themselves .

Spanish dictionary

Frank, I completely agree with you.

I think that if the child on your opinion succumbed to the influence of a bad company, then the first thing you need is a confidential conversation and no prohibitions, criticism, and intimidation.
After all, it is possible to forbid what can be controlled.

Re: Get behind a gov't program that really works!

If parents make every effort to ensure that the child participates in the life of the family, they will be an authority for him, show that they love him, that they can talk about everything with him, find support, and the problem from the family will be solved.

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