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"german-claw" tool

I saw them using a tool to bring two beams together. It had a hook on each end that was pounded into each beam and then had a screw/ratchet to bring them tight together.
What is this tool actually called and where can I get one. Not sure where to look.

Re: "german-claw" tool

Closed-Captioning had it as "German Claw", but what it sounded like Norm Abram said way "German Klawde" -- either way a quick search using various spellings didn't turn anything up.

And because a picture is worth a thousand words...

Re: "german-claw" tool

You should be able to accomplish the same thing using a cable winch or come-along.

Re: "german-claw" tool

I've been looking as well.


I've seen a similar clamp using a steel plate on either end instead of claws for a quite a bit cheaper. I can't remember where though.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Re: "german-claw" tool

Found it.......Thanks guys!.....It is the ratchet beam tensioner found at timbertools.com.

Re: "german-claw" tool

Do you think it would work for getting crown molding tight to the corner blocks? ;-)

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