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Geothermal Heating w/Radiators ???

Can you retrofit an existing hot water/boiler/radiator system to use a new geothermal heat pump system?

We have an existing boiler system in a 7200 sq. ft. historic home. We would like to install a geothermal heating system and somehow use the system in conjunction with the existing radiators. Is this possible?

Can we check condition of flow in existing radiator pipes?

Re: Geothermal Heating w/Radiators ???

I have the same question. Have you learned anything in the last year? Thanks, Seth.

Re: Geothermal Heating w/Radiators ???

i'm not a expert and would love to know the answer reading steam heat with geothermal.

i think the answer is yes. your heat savings will be from heating the water from a ambient temp of 65 degrees instead of cold water from the street. the energy usde to heat water to 65 degress is greater than the energy used to heat it the rest of the way with your existing boiler. kind of gives your boiler a head start.

good luck. love to hear some more geothermal talk.

Sunny H
Re: Geothermal Heating w/Radiators ???

I believe the answer is no as geothermal does not provide hot water at the temperatures needed for radiators.

To get a better answer go to : www.geoexchange.org and www.greenbuildingtalk.com

That said, I would like to add that I have just put in a geothermal system and my 170 year old house has never been warmer or more cozy. I love it. My system is hot air and the unit was able to be hooked up to the existing ducts in my house. It replaced an old oil furnace that was costing me a fortune - about $5,000 a year, and I had no A/C.

I decided to go with vertical closed loops rather than an open well set up as my well water tends to have a lot of iron and minerals which can create problems due to mineral build up. My closed loops will last about 50 years.

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