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GE Stove Switch Problem?


I hope this is the correct spot. Didn't know if 'Kitchens' would be better).

I have a bog standard GE electric range 240v. One of my burners stopped heating up. I did some basic troubleshooting...
1) I swapped burners. Burner seems OK.

2) I put a VAC meter on the receptacle block and instead of 240VAC it registers 40VAC.

3) I swapped the receptacle block. Receptacle seems OK because even with new receptacle, the connection shows 40VAC.

So... does this mean it's the 'infinite switch' (the temperature knob)? I -assume- so because I opened the back panel and it looks as though all 4 switches get power from the same wire.

Just wanted to double check as these switches are kinda pricey.

Thanks In Advance.

A. Spruce
Re: GE Stove Switch Problem?
A. Spruce

First, I would check all connections from switch to burner, including all grounds. While you're at it, check the condition of the wires, make sure one hasn't been cooked or burned.

Second, before buying another switch, swap one of the other burner switches, see if that makes a difference.

If you still come up blank, try calling the manufacturer's customer service, see if they can walk you through a few more diagnostic steps.

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