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Gas Pipe "Clicks" When Dryer Turns On Heating Element.

I have a 2yr new Maytag dryer, and everytime the electronics kick-on to ignite the pilot - there is a single, loud "TICK" or "CLICK" (choose your flavor) heard throughout the GAS LINE in the ceiling rafters. We are on a slab foundation, and the gas line runs the entire length of the house (from dryer, to water heater, to stove, to meter - in that order).

Now, I'm not talking about the little 'tick' you would normally hear when the pilot ignites - But like I said, a LOUD "TICK" :eek: - like someone tapping on the pipe with a butt end of a crescent wrench. And this happens throughout the entire cycle, everytime the pilot ignites...

We just moved to this house last year and brought the dryer with us - and all was fine at the other house..? and all other appliances in line work fine and do not entice the pipe into chiming up as the clothes dryer does... So...?

Any ideas?:confused:

Re: Gas Pipe "Clicks" When Dryer Turns On Heating Element.

It could be the gas meter. I have heard the same sound that you are describing from water meters. Stand near the meter when the dryer is on to confirm this is where it is coming from and if so call the gas company.


Re: Gas Pipe "Clicks" When Dryer Turns On Heating Element.

Hey John, Thanks for the idea!
I looked into that last night.. Turned on the dryer and went outside to the meter and sat & listened a good 10-15 mins..

(The dog must've thought I was nuts?)

So I went back inside the house, and sure enough I would hear the "TICK" when the little beast would 'fire-up'...

Could it be something else?
Should I try grounding the pipe? :confused:

Re: Gas Pipe "Clicks" When Dryer Turns On Heating Element.

Sounds to me like it is the gas valve inside the dryer. I can hear my house heater click on too. The dryer may not have enjoyed the ride from one house to the new house so much. Take a look to see if anything has come loose.

Re: Gas Pipe "Clicks" When Dryer Turns On Heating Element.

Check the condition of the gas shut off valve. If too old, consider replacing it.
Check the nipple that extends from the wall to the shut off valve - is it moving? if yes, strap it and secure it tight.
See if these helps.

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