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Gas Logs

We have gas logs that we haven't used for several years. What precautions should we take before using these logs again? We replaced a set years ago that smoked up our house, but since we haven't used them since maybe 5 years ago, I am afraid to try without some maintenance or someone to check them out. Also, how can I use the gas logs without my gas bill going ups so high?

Re: Gas Logs

Are you sure that your old gas logs were to blame for the smoke in the room?

Unused gas logs should not be unsafe. After all, when you buy "brand new" logs from the store, they are not new (made yesterday). They've been sitting on the shelf for awhile.

In regards to your gas bill...if your gas bill is like mine, consumption of gas is only one component of the bill. The rest is fees, fees, fees and taxes. How do you think they can pay themselves the salaries they do?

And with every bill they attach a list of suggestions on how to lower you bill.

Re: Gas Logs

I would flip through the yellowpages and find a chimmney sweep who is familiar with these gas appliances and have them service it (clean and adjust) and inspect the chimmney/flue to make sure you don't have any blockages that could lead to issues like CO poisoning!

Re: Gas Logs

I have a ventless, free standing gas stove. Over the summer, it generally sits idle for awhile. Maintenance that I've done on my unit is to blow off any dust, etc. from sitting (I've noticed at start ups that it will smell for awhile if I don't do this). I've also taken a fine piece of wire and made sure that all of the burner holes were patent. Once, I had difficulty lighting and keeping the pilot light lit. It turned out that very fine gunk/particulates in the gas supply can eventually clog the orifice (this was per the stove rep). I could have taken the pilot apart and simply cleaned it...but I was able to get a new pilot assembly relatively cheaply.

Re: Gas Logs

I have gas logs in my fireplace. Sometimes I don't use the fireplace for a year or two. After sitting for a long time, I just turn on the gas. I've never had a problem with the logs smoking. That sounds like a flue problem. I get my flue cleaned out every 5 years or so.

Re: Gas Logs

If you still want some security, go out and buy a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm and install it properly in the room. It gives a little piece of mind to those of us with ventless gas logs.

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