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Gas conversion venting inside the house?!

This is probably a dumb question, but given the gravity, I thought I had better ask it anyways. We just bought a nice but unmaintained home. My first experience as owner. It has an oil furnace that has been converted to natural gas which is also new to me. I was down looking at earlier when I noticed the vent pipe from the furnace to the chimney isn't a straight shot, there is a 'T' intersection in it. The bottom of the 'T' comes from the furnace - the left horizontal goes to the chimney but the right horizontal extends about a foot into the walking passage and then is simply capped. The weird thing is the cap is has an adjustable door on it and a notice on it not to touch it. Not only was the door open but the cap was not fully attached. This seems very unsafe, yet maybe the open cap performs some function critical to the operation of the furnace I don't understand. Any insight greatly appreciated. I will be calling the gas company tomorrow.

Re: Gas conversion venting inside the house?!

Sounds like a Barometric Damper, they're used for Oil Furnaces to regulate the draft which is measured in water column and should be - 0.04" to 0.06". That cap should not be open for a Gas Furnace and I don't know why he didn't take it out altogether. If it is open that will let Carbon Monoxide into you Home. Either call an HVAC Contractor or the Gas Co., it is important that you don't wait, DO IT NOW Good Luck!!! :)

Re: Gas conversion venting inside the house?!

Or you could remove the damper and install a cap. Use foil tape to seal around the cap not duct tape. Pr replace the "T" with an elbow.

Re: Gas conversion venting inside the house?!

You can do that to but make sure you seal it 100%. Good Luck!!! :)

I was thinking about the foil tape and you had better check, I seam to remember that it can't be used because of the glue but could be wrong. Good Luck!!!

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